Writing part of the PTE Academic tests a candidate’s ability to produce written

Writing part of the PTE Academic tests a candidate’s ability to produce written English in an academic setting. You need to do two things. One summarizes written text and the other writes an essay. The total time allocated for this part depends on the combination of the tasks specified. Each summary written task must be completed within 10 minutes. 20 minutes are available for writing an essay. A candidate must try both tasks in standard academic English with the correct grammar and spelling. A spelling convention should be used consistently.

Summarize written text: In this type of task, a candidate should write the summary of the given text in just one sentence. The content of the text deals with academic subjects. You may not be familiar with the topics presented, but all the information you need to complete the task is included in the passage. The text length would be up to 300 words and you must answer within 10 minutes.

Read the question carefully and follow the instructions. Analyze the question and write down the most important points that are listed throughout the text on the supplied erasable note board. You can use these points as a guide for creating your summary. Remember that you only have to write a sentence between 5 and 75 words. A sentence means that the sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a period. In between, you can use various punctuation marks such as commas, hyphens, semicolons, etc. to mention important points. Below the text is a word count box and the timer that shows the time remaining for this task so you can take a look at it as you write and adjust it accordingly. Make sure you have at least 1-2 minutes to look for grammatical or spelling errors.

Your answer to this task will be judged on how well the most important points are presented and what content, forms, grammar and vocabulary are used. Your summary should not misinterpret the subject or purpose of the passage. Using the correct sentence structure including the main clause and subordinate clause, focusing on the use of an appropriate vocabulary and the effective use of synonyms are essential for achieving a good score.

Read the passage carefully, specifying the author’s purpose, style, tone, or attitude to understand explicit, implicit, concrete, and abstract information. Keep track of time as you write and synthesize the information that speaks the main points with the correct grammar and spelling. Don’t use background knowledge about your own ideas. Check the length, grammar, punctuation and spelling before clicking “Next” and make any necessary corrections.

To write an essay:

The next task when writing part of the PTE Academic test is to write an essay. It is a long answer writing element type that tests a candidate’s ability to write a compelling or argumentative essay on a particular topic. Average write speed is expected because you will have to type your answers in the box provided on the computer screen. It is very important to understand the prompt to give an appropriate answer with sufficient evidence to support your opinion.

A prompt with instructions will appear on the screen. You have 20 minutes to complete the task. The word limit for this task type is 200-300 words, which can be monitored in the “Total Word Count” field. You need to be able to address the issue, develop ideas based on imagination and relevant examples to express your point of view. This task is based on various factors such as content, development, structure, coherence, form, language, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Coherence is nothing more than linking ideas to the main topic. Ideas should be related. Through the use of related words, conditional statements, idioms and collocations, the essay becomes impressive and interactive. An essay should always be generalized, ie not a personalized essay.

The key competencies of the candidates tested in this type of task are writing for a specific purpose, supporting an opinion

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